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Verde Energy is unique among energy suppliers as we are an independent company whose sole business is to maximize energy savings now allowed by deregulation while making it easy for consumers to go green. We are not a subsidiary of a utility company nor do we rely on a network to increase our sales. Verde Energy simply offers the best electricity rates possible and passes this savings directly on to smart consumers in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New YorkOhio and Pennsylvania. We are proud to have combined our commitment to renewable energy sources with electric rates that have consistently decreased for our customers. Leading the way to utilize more green energy resources in our energy supply Verde also helps consumers reduce their energy consumption with free online energy tools and tips. Verde Energy is committed to the belief that wiser energy consumption can positively impact both everyone’s wallet and the planet.

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"I own a small retail business so I enrolled both my home and business accounts so I can maximize my
-Business owner in Norwood, OH

"I have created my profile in Verde’s free Energy Savings Solutions feature and am now starting to monitor
my monthly usage and find ways to reduce my monthly electric usage so I can save even more money. Great
benefit in addition to my low rate."
-Homeowner in Glendale, OH

Verde Energy USA Inc is a BBB Accredited Business.
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