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Switching to Verde has made a huge impact on thousands of electric bills. Over 250,000 residential and small business customers have enrolled with Verde Energy USA. These customers cover a wide range: from urban condos to large homes in the suburbs and rural areas, and from small retail stores to large office and industrial buildings. Verde Energy is also helping our customers to go green by offering 100% renewable energy. It has never been smarter or easier to lock in fixed low rates and make a commitment to renewable energy. Please check out reviews of Verde Energy by state.

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Hear from others saving hundreds annually.
"We saved over $100 compared to our Eversource rate on our first monthly bill ..."
-Homeowner in Westport, CT

"We expect to save over $500 during the next 12 months versus our utility company rate ..."
-Homeowner in Morristown, NJ

"The $75 cash back bonus rebate is a great special incentive ..."
-Homeowner in Lancaster, PA

Verde Energy USA Inc is a BBB Accredited Business.
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