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Enroll on line or over the phone at 1-800-388-3862 available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Help Me Contact My Local Utility Company

In Connecticut: CL&P 800-286-2000 or UI 800-722-5584.

In Massachusetts: National Grid 800-322-3223 and NStar 800-592-2000

In New Jersey: PSE&G 800-436-7734, JCP&L 800-662-3115 and ACE 800-833-7476.

In New York: National Grid 800-642-4272 and ConEd 800-752-6633

In Pennsylvania: PECO 800-841-4141, MetEd 888-544-4877, Penelec 888-544-4877, Duquesne 888-393-7100 and PPL 800-342-5775.

In Ohio: Duke 800-544-6900, DP&L 800-433-8500, AEP 800-672-2231, Ohio Edison 800-633-4766, Toledo Edison 800-447-3333 and The Illuminating Company 800-589-3101.

In Illinois: ComEd 800-334-7661.

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Verde Energy USA
101 Merritt 7, 2nd floor
Norwalk, CT 06851

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"We expect to save over $400 this year compared to our PP&L rate ..."
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"The $75 cash back bonus rebate is a great special incentive ..."

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"Not having a cancellation penalty is a great added benefit.  I expect to save $100 a month for my small business with Verde Energy USA. ..."
-Business owner in Scranton, PA

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