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Ohio Electricity Rates

Verde Energy USA offers great low fixed electric rates in Ohio. These fixed rates protect you against any rate increases particularly during high usage periods and there is no cost if you ever choose to cancel your selection of Verde. Plus your special $75 cash bonus rebate provides you with instant savings.

Take advantage of our low long-term fixed electricity rates for Ohio

Hear from others who chose to save money.

"The switch to Verde for the supply portion of our bill was seamless and we still just get one single utility bill each month. The $75 cash bonus rebate provided us with immediate savings."
-Homeowner in Mount Vernon, NY

"Being able to lock in a 6 month fixed rate with Verde protects us against rate spikes during months of high usage which should provide us with significant savings during many months.. I also was glad to be able to be able to select a 100% renewable energy option."

-Condo owner in New York, NY

"Not having a cancellation penalty was a great added benefit with Verde's fixed rate offer. I also plan to use Verde's Energy Savings Solutions feature to monitor my energy usage and get discounts on energy efficient products."
-Business Owner in Syracuse, NY

Verde Energy USA Inc is a BBB Accredited Business.
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