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Reviews - New Jersey

"I had never heard of the Energy Choice program until I received a call from Verde Energy.  I am glad we selected Verde and expect to save over $500 during the next 12 months versus our utility company rate."

-Homeowner in Morristown, NJ

"We have electric heat so our usage is high year round and the savings with Verde should be over $60 every month.  The $75 cash back bonus rebate makes our savings all the more attractive."

-Homeowner in Lakewood, NJ

"My retail store is open 7 days a week so our electric bill can be a significant monthly cost for my business.  I expect to save over $2,000 a year with Verde Energy's lower rate."

-Business Owner in Paterson, NJ
Hear from others who chose to save money.
"We saved over $100 compared to our CL&P rate on our first monthly bill ..."
-Homeowner in Westport, CT

"Once I realized that switching to Verde Energy USA would not impact my utility service..."
-Homeowner in Wethersfield, CT

"We could not be happier with the savings we are realizing with Verde Energy USA and the $75 cash back bonus on our current utility bill is an added benefit. ..."
-Homeowner in Trumbull, CT

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